"Weeds" is Must-See TV

By Matty on 8:58 PM

Showtime's new weekly series, "Weeds," is full of wonderful irony and dark humor. Mary-Louise Parker plays "Nancy" a 40-ish mom of two soons who is recenlty widowed. They live in an upper middle class subdividion in southern California. Nancy begins to sell pot in order to keep the house, the housekeeper and the Land Rover. Kevin Nealon plays Nancy's ditzy CPA who teaches her to launder her ill-gotten profits (he's also a city council member). The cast also includes Elizabeth Perkins as a "perfect" neighbor who is addicted to laxatives and has trouble keeping her snout out of the bottle. I predict this one is a keeper.


3 Response to '"Weeds" is Must-See TV'

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