DC Armory: Nobody Knows Much

By Matty on 6:25 PM

I went with a friend today to the DC Armory to see if the Katrina evacuees have arrived. According to today's Washington Post, 400 people were coming today. We got there a little after noon, but there were no evacuees. We talked to a number of volunteers and the Red Cross. The bottom line is this: no one knows when the evacuees will leave Arkansas, no one knows when they will arrive, or how many people there will be.

However, we did find out this important bit of information: No one knows who the lead agency is on this operation. FEMA? Don't know? No one knows who is in charge.

Note to the so-called Swing Voters who voted Bush in the 2004 election: Is the government you wanted? Happy? Do you feel safer knowing that you voted for tax cuts and the demonization of gay people? Was it worth it? You swallowed the line of B.S. from the GOP. I would tell you to "just live with it," but there is one problem: those of us, the 48.5% of voters who voted for John Kerry, have to live with this nightmare, too.


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