Health Care Or Gay Bashing?

By Matty on 7:54 PM
A Note to Bush Voters and Republicans:

You had a choice last November. You could vote for Kerry and the Democrats who would have at least tried to do something about health care coverage--or lack of it--in the United States. But, no, you wouldn't do that. You freaked out and swallowed a pack of lies from a bunch of incompetent thugs--you know, the ones about how only El President, El Gran Jefe, Jorge Bush, could keep you safe. Among the other lies you swallowed were that gay people were COMING TO GET YOU AND YOUR KIDDIES! Gay marriage would destroy YOUR MARRIAGE!

Aaaaahhhh. Sssscccrrrreeeaaammmm. Nooooooo! Not homosexuals in my cul-de-sac!

Well, this article about the health care coverage crisis in America--and it IS rapidly becoming a crisis--makes me scream.

You had your choice. Happy? Learned anything.


1 Response to 'Health Care Or Gay Bashing?'

  1. SkinnerIJA'> 8:13 PM

    I wouldn't consider gay people to be evil. They are just normal people.