Help Coming From Other Countries

By Matty on 8:15 PM

If you think I am one of those people who constantly bitches about how America is the most generous country in the world and that no one appreciates us, you have come to the wrong blog site. (We are NOT the most generous country on a per capita basis.) I am heartened to see that other countries are sending expertise, special equipment and, oh yes, fuel.

This may come as a shock to those insular Americans who think other countries know nothing about anyting, but--SHOCK--a number of countries have specialized equipment and trained personnel who can help us during the Hurricane Katrina crisis.

Why did I pick a map of France to post? Why because it will infuriate some idiotic right-winger who might happen upon this post!

Note to Condi Rice: Miss Thing -- So nice of you to interupt your Ferragamo shoe-buying spree in Manhattan to take time to talk to foreign governments about their aid offers.


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