Katrina By The Numbers

By Matty on 10:46 AM
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P.S. - Here is the thing many of us are thinking, but no one wants to ask: What happens if another powerful hurricane strikes this part of the Gulf?

Katrina by the Numbers

by ilona

Sat Sep 3rd, 2005 at 03:49:09 PDT

(From the diaries -- Plutonium Page. This is the magnitude of the tragedy.)

A collection of raw numbers that offer another glimpse on the magnitude of the events of the past week.

  • # of days since hurricane Katrina slammed into the US Gulf Coast: 5
  • # of days before US federal government response: 4
  • # of months in average hurricane season: 6 [ends Nov. 30]
  • # in line of named tropical storms/hurricanes for Katrina: 11
  • # of current tropical storms/hurricanes in Atlantic basin: 13
  • # of tropical depressions formed in Atlantic basin: 15
  • Area covered by federal disaster declarations: 90,000 sq. miles
  • Wind speed of Katrina as she struck LA on Monday: 140 mph
  • # of Kristina's hurricane category at landfall: 4
  • Combined length of NOLA hurricane levees: 350 miles
  • Size of gap in NOLA's 17th Street Canal levee breach: 300 feet
  • Depth of water covering parts of NOLA: 20 feet
  • % of NOLA under water: 80%
  • # of days engineers and crews expect to need to dry out NOLA: 36-80
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