This is the level to which our beloved country, the United States of America has sunk. The "Reverend" Pat Robertson--snake oil salesman par excellence--says New Orleans was destroyed because comedian and TV star Ellen DeGeneres is a New Orleans native. Yes, God destroyed New Orleans because Degeneres, a lesbian, was selected by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to host this year's Emmy Awards.

[sigh] Actually, I [sigh] again. Some days, I just can't take it.

Robertson notes that the last time, 2001, that Degeneres was selected to host the Emmys the United States suffered the 9-11 attacks on New York and Washington.

Is it any surprise that the Almighty chose to strike at Miss Degeneres’ hometown?” Robertson asked on his television show.

Where to begin? I could blog all night. I will say, though, that the US of A is in big trouble. This guy has millions of followers who believe every word out of Robertson's mouth. He has lots of political power in the Republican Party. We are in big trouble in this country, kids.

At some point foreign governments, and their citizens, will stop being horrified at what is going on in the United States and simply start laughing, and then ignoring us.

So... with people like this either running the country, or influencing those who do, what kind of future do we have?

Photo: Dateline Hollywood


2 Response to 'Katrina: Ellen Degeneres Made God Do It'

  1. SkinnerIJA'> 8:10 PM

    I probably would consider that the Louisana people are in fact stupid! The governer doesn't have plans, heck, even the people don't have plans as well!


  2. Carissa'> 8:42 PM

    It's a joke.