Why not blame France?

By pet on 9:58 AM
Finally the White House is responding to the damage caused by Katrina --no, not the damage to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast but to the political damage as a result of the dismally slow response to that damage.

Right now on CNN, they're showing Air Force 1 arriving in Baton Rouge.
The President, this time with the First Lady, is back in Louisiana. Yup, it's definitely a category 5 political crisis!

So, the White House strategy is no secret: place the blame elsewhere. When blaming the victims fell flat, they quickly regrouped and are blaming city and state governments. Well, we'll see what happens, there's one senator who says she won't take it! Sen. Landrieu will "punch" the President if he blames local officials again!


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  1. Rosebud
    http://aftertherevolution.blogspot.com/2005/09/why-not-blame-france.html?showComment=1125932580000#c112593261152296024'> 11:03 AM

    Sen. Landrieu (sic) said she would punch Bush in the face if he said one more bad thing about state and local officials. By the way, anyone know where Cheney is located?