Yankee Carpet Baggers Stay Home!

By stashka on 11:39 AM
I can't make this shit up...i don't begrudge the rich, but when the poor are dying in fetid, toxic water just feet away from your home, it's not the time to be pulling a Marie Antionette.

Watchmen stand vigil in city’s wealthiest homes Residents stay behind to protect mansions, luxury cars, other possessions

By Ariana Eunjung Cha
The Washington Post
Updated: 10:55 a.m. ET Sept. 10, 2005

NEW ORLEANS - Just blocks from a smoldering fire and walking distance from bodies floating in the floodwaters, John Crouch and Andy Guzman debated what to make for dinner.

As the sun set, the men had hurriedly chained up the cast-iron fence and locked themselves into the 10,000-square-foot, gray-green Greek Revival mansion for the night. Three dogs, three handguns and five shotguns kept them company.

Earlier in the week, the men feasted on Cornish hens and jumbo shrimp. Now they had exhausted their supply of meat and seafood, but there was a bit of good news: There was plenty of champagne in the ice chest.
"It's like luxury camping," said Crouch, 42, founder of an architectural restoration company. His own multimillion-dollar home was nearby, but he set up operations in this even fancier mansion because it still had running water and functioning phones.

Crouch and his friend Guzman, a high-end housing contractor and a neighbor, have been living here for the past 10 days, among the few thousand people who have refused to leave the city despite a mandatory evacuation order. They are standing guard in one of New Orleans's wealthiest areas over their own homes and those of about 30 neighbors who fled town. The lights from their generator cast an eerie glow on a part of the city that is otherwise pitch black after dusk.

Rich New Orleans spared a blowNight in New Orleans brings into focus the unfairness of Hurricane Katrina's wrath. This has always been a city of the very rich and the very poor, and the storm, which has changed so much, has done nothing to change that.

While many of the poorest parts of the city became a toxic swamp of unspeakable things, its wealthiest areas -- including the central business district, the French Quarter and the area around St. Charles Street that includes the Garden District, the predominantly white neighborhood where Crouch and Guzman are staying -- escaped almost damage-free.

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