Ricky Martin's New Look

By Matty on 10:17 PM
I have always loved Ricky Martin--regardless of what he will or won't own up to about... well, you know.

Anyway, The Washington Post totally and completely dissed his new album. But, who cares about his music. That new look, I just don't know. We call it Thug Bottom.

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  1. ricky's fan
    http://aftertherevolution.blogspot.com/2005/10/ricky-martins-new-look.html?showComment=1129299060000#c112929906332143403'> 10:11 AM

    l dont think Ricky Martin has turned to the thug life he has too many commitments and his foundation helping the kids to have a normal life and what wrong with a change l think he looks good. the new single is great "l dont care" he is probably saying he doesnt care what anyone thinks he just wants the girl. J.Freedom du Lac l think you should listen to the album before you criticise Ricky Martin about his music or his song writing his music is so uplifting and and full of life look how many records he has sold and what he has done for the kids that lost their parents in the tsunami and the Foundation too so think before you speak next time