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By Matty on 9:57 PM
Love, love, love this guy. I check out The Rude Pundit every day in hopes he has posted a blog. He doesn't blog every day, but often enough to give me another reason to live.

His motto: Proudly lowering the level of political discourse

Seriously, this guy can write and he has a vicious, dark and nasty sense of humor--just perfect for the totally bizarre political-governmental times in which we live. Why do I like his writings? Because we live in a time of great vulgarity in our public life and in our government. Of what do I speak? What do I consider vulgar in America today? Well, gosh, let's see:
  • The entire Bush family
  • Tom DeLay
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Bill Frist
  • The so-called "Christian" Right believers who are just pawns in the game
  • Suburban sprawl
  • America's health care system
  • Obesity - a country and a culture that wants to eat itself to death
  • America's dependence on foreign oil
  • Hummer SUVs
  • Homophobia
  • Immigrant bashing
  • Karl Rove
  • Elizabeth Miller
  • Fox News
  • Lack of critical thinking skills on the part of 50% of Americans

There--is that enough vulgarity for you? So, no, in the context of all this vulgarity, I do not consider The Rude Pundit to be vulgar.

Be sure to scroll down and read earlier postings at The Rude Pundit. Here are titles of some of my favories (check out the Archives on the lower right-hand side of his page):
  • Harbingers of Republican Death
  • George Bush's Addiction To Himself
  • Dick Cheney Will Destroy Us All
  • Karl Rove Contemplates His Leather Slave ("Oh, my")
  • Patrick Fitzgerald: The Grown-Up in the Room
  • Feeding the Right-Wing Monster With Harriet Miers' Corpse (another "Oh, my")
  • Neverending Tales of the Christ Weary
  • The Republican In Fall
I am posting the first paragraph from the Pundit's blog today:


A Warning To Democrats: Beware of Large, Cornered Weasels

The wolverine is the largest land-dwelling member of the weasel family. It's a crazed, vicious little fucker that can carry a carcass three times its size. Shit, it can bring down a caribou or a small bear, if it wants to. And its jaws can crush bones. Typically, all a wolverine has to do to drive away other predatory animals is growl, raise the hair on its back, and bare its teeth; that'll scare cougars and wolves shitless. And if you corner it, you better watch out: those bastards'll fight until they tear their way through your body, leaving you stunned and staring at your own viscera steaming on the snow below you. It's better to kill it than try to fight it. Or, if you're all scientific or protective of endangered species, put it into a deep sleep and cage the sharp-toothed weasel.
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