"Dark Ages Primary"

By Matty on 10:30 PM

Harold Meyerson has a wonderful column in today's Washington Post on the 2008 GOP presidential primaries and how far candidates will go to get the votes of the "faith-based community." At some point, I suppose that 2008 GOP presidential candidates will support the burning of witches at the stake--as long as it's done by "God's Armies of Compassion."

So let the first presidential primary of the Dark Ages begin! I want to know if George Allen believes in the Rapture, and whether he thinks such likely primary rivals as Rudy Giuliani will be left behind. I want to know if that well-known dinosaurphile, Newt Gingrich, is dangerously geologistic, if he really believes that the big lizards have been extinct for millions of years. I'm waiting for Bill Frist to deny, if pressed by an indignant Iowan, that blood circulates. And I wonder if John McCain believes Rick Santorum is descended from apes. And if yes, how far? Read entire column


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