Drunken Bush Twins

By Matty on 11:16 PM

Like Wonkette, Rosebud can never read or hear too much about the Drunken Bush Twins. Watch here for future updates, which will be based on... the Bush Twins getting drunk in public and acting like White Trash.


2 Response to 'Drunken Bush Twins'

  1. Greg - Cowboy in the Jungle
    http://aftertherevolution.blogspot.com/2005/08/drunken-bush-twins.html?showComment=1125547800000#c112554782443672257'> 12:10 AM

    I'm certainly not the Bush supporter I use to be, but I have got to say that despite their presidentail father, these two have experienced many of the things that young adults do as a rite of passage.

    I fell off an skinned my knee many times before I learned to ride a bike. Same goes for drinking. I had a lot of "unfortunate nights" where my behavior was sub par before I learned restraint and moderation.

    I think the world is quick to hold these two to the standard of "presidential material." How do they measure up to the whitehouse? Are they worthy leaders? That type of thing.

    Truth is they are two typical, average, normal girls who are making the best given the odd circumstances that their fathers career puts them in.

    I'm not saying that they havent been priveleged - they have. But with out the paparazzi, they are just two drunk chicks. Just like all the other drunk chicks their age.


  2. Anonymous
    http://aftertherevolution.blogspot.com/2005/08/drunken-bush-twins.html?showComment=1125606120000#c112560614239481671'> 4:22 PM

    I would love to party with the Bush twins. I bet they are one hell of a good time! Well, I have (not-so) secret information about one them, confirming that she is a good time (or was in college).

    If thier father didn't come across like the village idiot, there mother a stepford wife, and their grandmother a mean as hell scloding troll, I'd give these girls more leeway.