He'll Make A Good Bitch

By Matty on 8:43 PM
Is there any doubt that Congressman Tom "The Hammer" DeLay has one of the most sarcastic, nasty, mouths in Washington? Could there be a more cynical politican in America today? Is he not the perfect Republican majority leader in the House? He stands for all of the excesses of the modern conservatism--greed, cynical manipulation of extremist Christian religion, a thirst for political power... and on and on.

So, with such fabulous Bitch qualities, Rosebud says that DeLay will make the perfect prison bitch if he is convicted and sent to jail.

Yes, today's indictment of DeLay in Travis County, Texas, is just too much fun. As a friend of mine once said to a judge when called for jury duty: "Your honor, I cannot serve as an impartial juror. I look at that little SOB and I am just SURE he is guilty of something."

Same thing for DeLay. Except in his case, he is guilty of a boatload of things.

And the icing on the cake, for now: Delay has to do the perp walk. Read today's article in The Washington Post:

DeLay Must Appear in Austin on Charge
The Associated Press
Wednesday, September 28, 2005; 7:52 PM

AUSTIN, Texas -- The next step in the criminal proceedings against Republican leader Tom DeLay is a trip to Austin to be fingerprinted and photographed.

DeLay was indicted Wednesday on one count of criminal conspiracy for his alleged role in a campaign finance scheme that helped give Republicans power in the Texas House and in Congress. Read entire story.

Note to DeLay: Don't use cheap liptstick; it's bad for the complexion.


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