Tony Soprano Advising Karl Rove?

By Matty on 7:07 PM
Some things make me scream with laugher. Some things make me scream with frustration. Some things make me scream with anger or fear. Some things simply leave me speechless.

This afternoon's headline in The Washington Post online left me speechless:

Arrests Made in Case Connected to Abramoff
Three Men Allegedly Killed 'Gus' Boulis, Who Sold A Casino Cruise Line to the Embattled Washington Lobbyist

I am still so stunned that I can hardly blog. You must read the story. In a nutshell, indicted lobbyist and Washington bagman Jack Abramoff -- close friend of Tom Delay, Karl Rove and many other high-level Republicans--just may be tied to the mob. Well, it looks like that might be the case.

Yes, the mafia. It smells like that. Okay, it looks suspcious. Guilt by association. Or something. It looks funny.

But, as much as I want this crazed, incompetent, far-right government to fall of its own corruption and ignorance, not even I want this story to be true. Well, mostly not. Read story here.

I don't know if Dubya is drinking again, but I sure am.


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