Surely I am not the only person on this planet who has asked, "Perhaps we would be better off of George W. Bush started drinking to excess again?" It would be better if he went back to drinking and gave up the cooky right-wing religious vodoo. And it might make Dubya less inclinded to go along with the neo-cons advice to invade Middle Eastern countries.

I mean, we all know that El Presidente El Jefe Jorge Bush doesn't really run the country, so what's a bottle a day of Wild Turkey for the Dub-ster?

But it seems we can always count on a Bush spawn to keep up the family tradition of public drunkeness. No, no, silly! The latest incident was not the well-oiled Bush Twins, Jenna and Barbara. This time it was El Presidente's nephew, John Ellis Bush. He is the brother of that poor Noel Bush, the Xanax queen, and son of Florida Governor Jeb Bush (the election stealer).

It seems that the hairy-chested little Latin stud, JEB, had a bit too much to drink in Austin the other night. Well, based on this picture, I imagine there were quite a few regulars in the local jail who tried to get his phone number.

Do we live in great times or what? Any bunch of inbred drunken twits can run an empire, provided they have a few ill-gotten bucks and the right friends.


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