Wow! This Guy Can Really Rant

By Matty on 8:02 PM

This is from a blogger named Steve at The News Blog. Here is the introduction--keep reading because he is just getting warmed up in these few paragraphs. Needless to say, I agree with everything he says about Bush and his lap dogs on the right.

Isn't anyone else out there pissed off? Aren't you tired of letting these people shout us down? Are you ashamed to be an American who is also a proud liberal and loyal Democrat? If not, speak up. The next time so right-wing idiot starts making derogatory comments about minorities, gays, liberals--at your business, church, wherever--speak up!

Hold on to your hat--here comes Steve.

A note to our conservative friends:


Ever wonder why New Yorkers detest George Bush?

Because we experienced his incompetence up close and person. We knew this guy was full of shit, absolutely full of fucking shit, after they started to play games with the funding and gave Wyoming terrorism money. We knew he was an assclown then.

We thought DC 9/11 was a comedy, because the Bush we saw hid in AF One like the scared bitch that he is.

But did you listen?

Fuck no. Until last week, Ann Coulter was calling New Yorkers cowards for not endorsing Bush's folly in Iraq.

We have been screaming for two years that Bush and his team sucked. That they had no clue. They sent soldiers to be wounded in Iraq without armored anything. And you idiots cheered him on from the safety of your keyboards. We told you he was fucking up Iraq. But no, we supported Saddam, we were racist, we blamed America.

You say this isn't about politics? Fuck you, this IS politics, real time, real life politics, where the insanity of all your ideas are exposed to the world for the fraud that they are. Tax cuts kill. Ask the relatives of the dead of the Gulf Coast. Read entire post


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