Saturday evening, my partner and I were talking to a neighbor on our front steps. We will call her "Betty." She had done emergency volunteer work Saturday at the D.C. Veterans home on North Capitol Street.

“Betty” said that 400 veterans have been transferred there from the home in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast (now destroyed). This has been all over the news. What Betty told us next is not in the news. Betty said that she spent quite a bit of time with an 88-year-old veteran—who DROVE HIS CAR from Mississippi to Washington behind a caravan of buses!

Yes, you read correctly.

On the Sunday before Katrina struck, the veterans with cars were told to take them from the home to a more-secure parking garage. They did so. Then, a few hours later, management told the veterans that they should go get their cars because they would need them. Somehow they got the cars back to the veterans home.

When buses full of veterans departed for Washington, D.C., the veterans with cars were told to follow the buses because there were not enough buses. This old guy--and quite a few others--all drove their cars from Veterans Home in Mississippi to D.C.!

Is this true? Does anyone know?


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