Do you ever wonder, Has the Republican Party become one big affirmative action program for stupid white people? (Hey, I'm white, very white, so don't dis me.)

The gushing letters and cards that Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers wrote to El Presidete El Jefe Jorge Bush over the years are... embarrassing. It's sort of the same as those situations where someone at work, in school or at a party just makes such an ass of themselves in a group. The person lacks social skills, or says something completely inappropriate.

You can feel it. You want to run away... to hide... you just want the person embarrassing themselves to stop--now.

That's pretty much the way Poor Harriet's letters to Dubya (and sometimes Laura) read. Oooohhh... stop! You fool! You are making everyone uncomfortable.

Here is some coverage of Letters from Poor Harriet:

Oh, dear Lord... get me out of here. This is so... humiliating. But, I think I will read what The Rude Pundit has to say before I go.


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