In addition to their frightening tendency toward religious fascism and frightening ultra-nationalism, one thing about the weirdos on the far "Christian" right is that they just CANNOT bring themselves to use the word "gay" to describe homosexuals.

Get a load of this story at the Traditional Values Coalition Web site:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Vetoes Homosexual Marriage Bill.

TVC Chairman & Lobbyist Applaud Governor’s Brave Veto.

For Immediate Release
September 29, 2005
Contact: Benjamin Lopez
(714) 520-0300—Office

Anaheim, California“Today Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger bravely stood with 4.6 million Californians that supported marriage for one man and one woman with his veto of AB 849,” said TVC Chairman & Founder Rev. Louis Sheldon. “Mark Leno’s attempt to implement homosexual marriages has failed yet again. Reason finally prevailed thanks to Governor Schwarzenegger.” Read More...

This reminds me of those descriptions of openly-gay people as "avowed homosexuals." LOL, LOL, LOL.


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