You don't have to read much about El Presidente El Jefe Jorge Bush to be extremely afraid of the man. Living anywhere on the Planet Earth for the past 5 years, 8 months and 10 days tells you about all you need to know.

But, if you decide to read anything about the Dubya and the Family Bush, definitely pick "American Dynasty" by Kevin Phillips, a conservative Republican. The Bush clan is a money-grubbing, immoral lot, who despise the "little people" and feel that they DESERVE to run the country and maybe the world. Politics and high office are merely a means of making easy money.

Yes, the U.S. of A. is definitely on track to join other corruption-filled governments around the world. I hesitate to use the term "Banana Republic" because I love Latin American cultures and peoples. But, that accurately describes this bunch. Public Service for the commong good? Nope. Get elected to high office so that you can make big bucks outside of office.

The presidency is a cash register for the Bush clan which, again, feels that it DESERVES to run things.

Thus, we get to Dubya and his ascension to the presidency. The Bush clan, combined with a strain of modern ultra-conservatism that does not take government seriosly--hates all government, in fact--put this psychopath, Dubya, in office.

The Bush II presidency is not going well at the moment: Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, gas prices, a jitterish economy, a religous right-wing that is giving moderate Americans a reason to re-think things, and the scandals. Not just the Congressional scandals of Frist and DeLay, but the potentially big one: Plamegate.

It looks worse every day for Karl Rove and Scooter Libby (Cheney's chief of staff). Could this affair, the outing of CIA Officer Valerie Plame to get revenge on her husband go all the way to the top? Even if Bush and Cheney are not implicated, what if Rove and other high-level White House staff are charge by Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald?

What if then Bush's poll numbers tumble further? What if Republican members of Congress abandon him?

What next indeed. Dubya is an unrecovered alcoholic and grabbed fundamentalist Protestant religion as a crutch. But what now? Does this man have the mental strength to get throught it? Does his moral compass point any direction besides his own safety and welfare?

How far would Dubya go to save his own skin?

Read this post over at DailyKos by a psychoanalyst. The blogger analyzes Bush from afar, obviously. But, the bogger, artebella, raises some interesting and terrifying questions about Bush's psyche. Bottom line is that Bush is a sadist who will do just about anything to save his skin--but only if he thinks he can get away with it. In other words, he's a chickenshit. A sadist, too, but a chickenshit. What a dangerous combination.

Rosebud says: Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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