What was it that Vice President Cheney said during the campaign last year? I believe it was something to the effect that Americans had better vote for Bush and the GOP because the Democrats were a bunch of weak-kneed incompetents. Cheney said that if Kerry became president that the terrorists would definitely attack us. Only El Presidente could keep America safe from such as evils as France, homosexuals, and scientists.

Well, I am terrified. I am amazed that any government--our federal government--could be as inept, disorganized and unprepared as the one we are witnissing now, after the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Is anyone in charge in New Orleans? Who is coordinating the efforts? The Feds, I assume? FEMA? Homeland Security? Is it Bush? Chertoff? Who?

What has happened to Governor Blanco? Has anyone seen or heard from her in the last two days? Has N.O. Mayor Nagin been told to keep quiet?

How would our government react to another major terrorist attack? Would Bush remain on vacation? Would the FEMA Director blame the victims for staying behind?

Pray for the people in Louisiana. Send money. Then pray for yourself. And, finally, GET MAD. Vote these incompentent right-wing a-holes out of power in next year's Congressional elections.

And, yes, we SHOULD politicize this disaster. Politics, government and our elected officials affect almost every aspect of our daily lives -- the big and the small events. They must be held accountable.


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  1. Imma Fooker
    http://aftertherevolution.blogspot.com/2005/09/am-i-only-american-who-is-terrified.html?showComment=1125642840000#c112564288862500887'> 2:34 AM

    You're not the only, and I hope we're not the only ones. There is a total social and economic breakdown. Are there people who actually think we're gonna bounch right back from this?